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Is your parking area covered?
We offer indoor car parking / storage. While you are abroad, your car is kept in a fully enclosed and totally secure warehouse.

How far is your premises located from Larnaca International Airport?
Only three minutes away. You can see our premises from the motorway when you take the final section of the motorway towards Larnaca International Airport and after the roundabout of Kalo Chorio.

Do you have insurance coverage?
Yes, we have very strong insurance coverage. Your car is insured against fire, theft and damages while is kept into our premises. Our drivers are covered with comprehensive motor trade insurance while they drive clients' vehicles (terms and conditions apply).

Why there are companies cheaper than yours?
Unfortunately in this kind of business (airport valet parking), is very easy for someone to be deceived and misled relating to where his or her car is being parked. It is with great regret that we see, and experience many incidences, where people pretend to offer "airport valet parking with indoor storage" but nevertheless deceive their customers and park their cars at Larnaca Airport parking area. As a result the traveller's car never leaves Larnaca airport area. This is why some "valet parking services" are much "cheaper" than ours.

Where shall I meet your representatives?
Our representative will contact you 20 minutes prior your appointment with us and give you his exact location in front of the terminal building of Larnaca Airport.

Do we need to pre-book?
Yes. Pre-booking is essential for our airport parking facilities.

Can I contact you at any time?
Yes. Our company is fully contactable 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Our 24-hour telephone number is
24 824 824.

When & how can we pay you?
Payment is due when you collect your car upon arrival at Larnaca International Airport. You can pay by cash, cheque or credit card. Big corporate clients can have credit facilities relating to our airport parking services. If such a case applies, please contact the office before proceeding with the reservation, at 24 824 824 during working hours.

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