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  Terms & Conditions of our Services
  1. The invoice must be fully paid before delivery of the vehicle. In case of non payment the company reserves the right of lien on the vehicle.

  2. The client will be responsible to notify the company of any flight change. In case where the company is not informed on time and a second pick up is required an extra fee of Euro 20 will be charged over and above the extra days of storage.

  3. The company will not be liable for any damages and/or theft caused to the vehicle during the time that is left in the airport car park.

  4. After the collection of the vehicle the company will undertake an investigation of the vehicle's body condition by an authorised representative. The representative will draft a report on the investigation results and such a report will be conclusive and undisputed by the client. The company will not be liable for the vehicle's condition before collection.

  5. The company will not be liable for any engine and/or electrical and/or mechanical and/or any other component failure of the vehicle during the time that the vehicle in under the control and custody of the company.

  6. Comprehensive motor trade insurance is valid up to Euro 51,258 per claim. Higher comprehensive motor trade insurance may be provided on customer request for an extra fee. The company's liability, if any, is therefore limited to the aforementioned amount or to the maximum amount covered by the company's insurers in any other case.

  7. The client must notify the company before or during the delivery of the vehicle of any valuable or other items remaining in the vehicle during the time that it remains under the company's custody. The company shall not be liable in cases of loss or damage of any of such items if the client fails to notify the company as above.
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