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Your car is probably the second biggest investment that you had made, so its good maintenance is very important. Our company has an exceptional ''in house'' car valet department that specialises on comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of vehicles...

...So why don't you pamper your car while you are abroad?


The external paint of the car is coated with wax for maintenance and better protection. It is recommended that the car is waxed twice a year for longer and better protection.

Compound Polish & Wax

High and low temperatures, rain, bird excrements and sticking tree tar, ultraviolet radiation are only some of the factors that affect your car's paint negatively, causing a partial or total loss of its original quality and brightness. In this case a compound polish is recommended so as to restore the evenness of the paint. The external plastics of the cars are cleaned using special kinds of shampoo whereas afterwards we spread a special kind of cream so as not to fade out. Finally the paint is coated with wax for maintenance and better protection.

Upholstery/Interior Cleaning (Fabric)

Seats made of fabric, are cleaned with shampoo, brushed and then the soap is absorbed and disinfected so that it can fight down fungi, bacterial and any other kind of dirt. All interior plastics are cleaned and covered with special kind of cream to maintain their colour and prevent dryness.

Interior Leather Cleaning

For leather seats we use a special kind of leather cleaning cream which opens up the pores of the leather so as to be better cleaned. Then we use a special leather protection cream that softens the leather and prevents dryness and cracking.

Full Valet Service

This service starts externally from the paint using a compound polish and wax and then proceeds with the interior cleaning of the car.


Teflon Exterior
The exterior paint of the car is covered using the Teflon AT-5, a well known material by the American firm, Dupont. Using this method we achieve the highest protection against all weather elements, low and high temperature, ultraviolet race, bird excrements, sticky tree substances, rain etc. Teflon AT-5 is highly recommended for new cars, before the paint suffers any damages or alterations.

Teflon Interior
With this service the seats are cleaned with shampoo as in regular interior cleaning and afterwards are covered with a special kind of Teflon liquid. With this method if something is spilled on the fabric, it will be difficult to penetrate the internal part of the fibre and as a result we prevent permanent stains such as, coffee, milk, blood, juice etc.

Teflon Interior Leather
The inside leather of the car is first of all cleaned with a special kind of cream which opens the pores of the leather for better cleaning. After that we cover the leather with Teflon Protection Cream which is more lasting and prevents leather from drying and 'breaking'.

Full Teflon Detailing
This treatment includes both Teflon exterior service and Teflon interior protection either fabric or leather.

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